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We are buying forest properties

We buy forest properties.

We actively purchase forest properties. We are interested in buying both young forests for the future and properties with immediate logging opportunities.

Forest transaction process

Offer your forest property by filling in the contact form or call us.

We will analyze existing forest data from your property and discuss the conclusions with you.

The field check is made in order to make a fair and trustful offer for your forest property.

When the deal has been agreed, we are preparing all necessary documents.

The signing will be made at a location which is suitable for you.

The purchasing price will be paid in full upon contract signing.


All our forestland deals are executed quickly and smoothly, with no hassle for the seller.

Are you thinking about selling your forest property? With us, the process is easy and transparent.

We have a positive attitude towards the multiple uses of forests and collaboration with local communities. We also continue hunting lease agreements with hunting clubs.

Forest Owner - Sell your forest to us.


GreenGold Timberlands 1 Oy is a registered limited company in Finland. We currently own 18,000 hectares of forest located in various parts of Finland. We manage our forests sustainably and with a long-term perspective, taking environmental factors into consideration.

We are the best and the most reliable partner when it comes to buying forest properties.


Our goal is to become a significant forest owner in Finland.

We manage forests for future generations. We acquire forest properties for permanent ownership.

Our Team

Our team consists of the most experienced foresters. We have a well-developed network of forest professionals and entrepreneurs necessary for efficient forest management and property acquisitions.
We are also present elsewhere. We are part of the GreenGold Group AB conglomerate. We own 80,000 hectares of forest land in Europe. For more information, please visit the GreenGold Group AB website GreenGold Group AB website.

Buyers and Managers of Forests

Päivi Kaisto

Country Manager

Real estate agent

tarja peltomaa

Forestry Engineer, Property Acquisition

mikko laitinen

Forestry Engineer, Operations Coordinator

Contact us

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    Oulu office

    GreenGold Timberlands 1 Oy
    Elektroniikkatie 15
    90590 Oulu

    +358 44 2448 390


    +358 40 5606 867


    Kuopio office

    GreenGold Timberlands 1 Oy
    Microkatu 1 M
    70210 KUOPIO

    +358 40 7521 492


    Our e-invoicing address
    Apix Messaging Oy
    OVT-tunnus:  003729583406

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    Customer experiences

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Ostamme metsäkiinteistöjä

    How do I proceed if I want to sell forest to GreenGold Timberlands 1 Oy?

    Get in touch with us by submitting a contact request through our website or by reaching out to our forestry expert.

    How much do we pay for your forest?

    We pay a competitive price based on the actual value of the forest. The key factor that influences the value of the forest is the amount of timber. The location, size, and accessibility of the forest property also affect the price.

    How does the process proceed?

    Once you provide us with the property identification number of the forest land, we will review the information. After conducting an on-site inspection, you will receive a price offer.

    Will I incur any costs from selling the forest?

    The on-site inspection and the offer are free of charge and do not obligate you in any way. If the sale is finalized, we will prepare all the necessary documents and handle the related processes. There will be no additional costs for you.

    How is the deal signed?

    We will sign the sales agreement at a location that suits you best. We also have access to electronic real estate transaction services. We will arrange for a notary public to be present at the signing event.

    How is the payment handled?

    The purchasing price will be paid in full upon contract signing.

    Is selling the forest property to GreenGold Timberlands 1 Oy safe?

    We are a financially stable Finnish limited company. The transaction process is handled with confidentiality and in accordance with data protection practices.

    Can I receive guidance on matters and questions that concern me?

    Our experienced forestry professionals are more than happy to address any questions you may have. We won't leave you alone even after the transaction; you can always reach out to us whenever needed.

    The profit generated from the sale may be subject to capital gains tax for the seller. We will go through how the tax is calculated together. For more information, you can visit the tax authority's website. linkki luovutusvoittoveroon

    How do we approach the multiple uses of forests?

    We have a positive attitude towards the multiple uses of forests and collaboration with local communities. We also continue hunting lease agreements with hunting clubs.

    How does GreenGold Timberlands 1 Oy manage its forests?

    We acquire forest properties for permanent ownership and manage them in a sustainable manner, considering environmental factors. Our forests are covered by the PEFC certification.

    Who will I be dealing with?

    Our team consists of individuals with extensive and diverse experience in the forestry sector, making your interactions smooth. We are committed to making the transaction process easy and secure for you.

    Ostamme metsäkiinteistöjä

    Mitä teen, jos perin metsää?

    Koska metsää tyypillisesti saadaan perintönä, varsin usein sitä omistetaan muiden kanssa yhdessä perikunnan osakkaana. Silloin metsää ei omisteta suoraan, vaan ainoastaan osuus pesästä, johon saattaa kuulua myös muuta kuin metsää. Kuolinpesän osakkaana sinua ei veroteta suoraan, vaan kuolinpesä on juridinen henkilö, jonka tuloja verotetaan.

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